• “This WEB SITE deals with a massive government sponsored conspiracy within the United States of America and against Jesus Alberto Cabal a Colombian citizen. The conspiracy at issue has lasted over two (2) decades, and was started by former president Ronald Reagan in the early nineteen eighties under the purported excuse of “Protecting the National Security of the United States”.
  • Throughout the years such confederacy has been kept in the dark from the world’s opinion via disinformation and manipulation of the news media not only within the United States, but also abroad. At the same time Federal officials did engage in a massive conspiracy to obstruct justice and to violate his civil rights to ensure that he could not prevail on his law suits for "employment discrimination", "defamation", and "employment retaliation" which were filed in several U.S District Courts throughout the country.
  • During the year of 2001 the confederacy at issue was aggravated by the ruthless and lawless actions of President George Bush Jr., and other members of his Administration who in an attempt to either expel Jesus Alberto Cabal from the United States, or to cause him physical harm did frame him in the state of Texas with a crime he did not commit. The "direct and circumstantial evidence" gathered so far in this case, without a doubt points out in that direction.
  • Most of the Evidence to support Mr. Cabal’s claims of discrimination, and conspiracies to obstruct justice and to violate his civil rights have been compiled and appeared within this web site in the section entitled as:"Evidence". In summary, the purpose of the web site is to allow Jesus Alberto Cabal’s side of the story to be told after more than 24 years of a strict censorship on the matter".

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    NOTE: To make it easier for the reader to understand the allegations that Jesus Alberto Cabal sets forth herein it is recommended as well that all the "information and evidence" described in two sections of this Web Page entitled: "THE CONSPIRACY" and the "TEXAS-FILES" be carefully reviewed.

    In late January of the year 2001 I found out that my academic transcripts from the University of Puerto Rico had been tampered with. This finding took place after I received in the mail a package released under F.O.I.P.A Laws sent by the U.S. Department of Justice. Thereafter, I sought legal advise about how to proceed with this new discovery which was something that I believed was probably done by personnel of any of the Intelligence Agency of the United States. However, in a matter of a few weeks I found myself being charged with the sexual assault of a juvenile delinquent by the State of Texas, in what seems to have been an act in furtherance of the conspiracy at issue.

  • To support the argument that Mr. George Bush himself led the Texas frame up of the year 2001 against Jesus Alberto Cabal in furtherance of an ongoing conspiracy which was started by former president Ronald Reagan during the year of 1982, it must be stated that the testimony given during the trial plus the entire record in the alleged rape case against Mr. Cabal does show that Texas law enforcement officials manipulated the two "young female thugs" to get Jesus Alberto Cabal in legal trouble, most likely following orders that came all the way from the White House. As further evidence of the conspiracy the following must be set forth:  
  • A. Jesus Alberto Cabal had been kept under 24-hour surveillance by at least the F.B.I since the year of 1982 which means that Federal officials did know for a fact that the "young thugs" had told him that they were "19 and 20 years old", when in fact they were 13 and a 1/2 years old and already had criminal records. The feds also knew that these "young women" wanted Mr. Cabal to buy them drugs (which he did not do), and also that they were "hookers" since this is what they stated in the living room of Mr. Cabal´s house, among other places.
  • B. Federal officials could have told Texas prosecutors, at least, that to charge Jesus Cabal with aggravated sexual assault of a child "would be far from the truth" since they ("the Feds") knew exactly what had happened inside of Mr.Cabal´s house.
  • C. Mr. Cabal was already a political prisoner whose rights had been suspended via "Executive Orders" ( or Presidential Orders) issued by president Ronald Reagan in the early eighties denying him the right to receive compensation from his discrimination law suits filed in several Federal Courts of the United States. In other words, President Reagan had literally removed him from the jurisdiction of the federal court system, and this is corroborated by the fact that the United States Supreme Court refused to hear Mr. Cabal´s challenge to the constitutionality of the Texas statute invoked to prosecute him. The Supreme Court disregarded the fact that most criminal lawyers in Texas do consider the statute at issue as "clearly unconstitutional", and the equivalent to a "Bill of Attainder". Mr. Bush should have known that!
  • D. In the United States Federal law supersedes State law. Thus, if the legal rights of Jesus Alberto Cabal had been suspended via Executive Order since the year of 1982, then, the state of Texas did not have the authority to prosecute him since "the moneys" or "assets" which have been literally "frozen" by the Federal Government when its officials chose to tamper with Mr. Cabal's discrimination law suits, were in fact needed and essential in his defense from the Texas charges. Another way to put it is that if the United States Supreme Court itself was not willing to allow Jesus Alberto Cabal to enforce his constitutional rights due to Presidential Orders prohibiting such; then, it is fair to say that the state of Texas did not have the legal authority to prosecute him unless or until the "pending Federal Matters" were fully resolved. Mr. Bush and his legal counsels should have known that!

  • Moreover, the overall evidence does show that President Bush was out to get Mr. Cabal as follows:

  • 1. Jesus Alberto Cabal had been a resident of The United States for almost 30 years, and he had never been accused nor convicted of any crimes in any state prior to the alleged "rape" charges of a minor filed in Texas. It is too much of a coincidence that the charges were filed in a state where Mr. Bush himself had been the governor just a few months earlier.
  • 2. The alleged "rape charge" against Mr. Cabal was assigned to purportedly the most conservative judge in the state of Texas" according with some of the lawyers who talked to Mr. Cabal in this regard. Moreover, Jesus Cabal learned after the trial of the case that this same judge (Peschall) was a "pro-child activist" in the Texas district where he resided at. Therefore, it is fair to say that to assign this judge to lead the proceedings on Jesus Cabal´s trial was the moral equivalent of appointing the “Great Wizard” of the Ku Klux Klan in 1970's South Africa to decide a racial discrimination law suit filed by Black litigants against White people. As a matter of fact, most lawyers who talked to Jesus Cabal in regard to this case as soon as they found out that the case had been assigned to judge Peschall used to say: "To be honest with you Mr. Cabal, your chances of prevailing on the merits with this judge on the bench are almost zero". It is quite evident that this appointment was an essential part of the conspiracy at issue as to ensure that Jesus Cabal could not have any chance to prevail on the merits of the case.
  • 3. Almost all the law suits that Jesus Alberto Cabal filed in federal courts since the year of 1982 were filed in the state of "Missouri“. When Mr. Bush was elected the first thing he did was to name as U.S Attorney General a Mr. John Ashcroft who was a former governor of "Missouri", and whose office Mr. Cabal had contacted on several occasions during the 1980's seeking help in the resolution of his civil suits which were filed in such a state. It must be added that Mr. Ashcroft was not precisely known as a great legal mind.
  • 4. After taking office Mr. Bush also named as White House counsel a Hispanic lawyer with the name of "Alberto Gonzales" who had been born in the metro area where the purported “sexual assault of a minor” took place; that is, in San Antonio, Texas. What a "coincidence" indeed that Mr. Cabal´s middle name is also "Alberto". In fact, the closest town to the city in which he lived in Texas just before being charged with the "alleged rape“ was also known as "Gonzales".
  • 5. Furthermore, the letter from CBS dated March 1988 and attached to this Web Site as an exhibit -in the EVIDENCE section- might very well demonstrate that Mr. Bush´s actions were not only in furtherance of a conspiracy, but also an act of "personal revenge" as a result of Mr. Cabal´s past comments and law suits involving his own father, the former President George Bush Senior.

  • Now, Are all of these facts just pure coincidence? Not quite. This is direct evidence (not circumstantial) that Mr. Bush was sending out the message to Mr. Cabal: "I am out to get you! And...He did!". It is very well known that with much less evidence than this individuals have been convicted in the State of Texas of "conspiracy charges", and other "capital offenses". In fact, some individuals have been executed in the electric chair in several states of the Union just based on pure circumstantial evidence alone.

  • For those readers who might be wondering whether President George Bush Junior could be capable of "ordering a hit" on Jesus Alberto Cabal, let's remember that during the year of 2003 he did order the U.S military to attack a sovereign nation (Irak) that had done absolutely nothing to the United States, and through deliberate lies has caused the “death and dismembering” of thousand of innocent people not only from Irak but American citizens as well (this toll includes the death to pieces of truly innocent children). In other words, President Bush chose to become a “War Criminal”. He chose to violate with total disregard International and U.S laws fully knowing the consequences of his actions. At this point the question really is: When is he going to be treated by the international community as the “War Criminal“ that he really is?

  • Folks, let’s make sense here….¡This man is no freedom fighter!

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